Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gift Card Holders

Gift Card Holders
I have so much fun making these little Gift Card holders.  I used the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge.  I love using the various card stock  paper designs, and for those done in solid colors, it is fun to add some embellishments to doll them up.  Such fun...and useful too for those of us that give gift cards for presents.  Thanks for taking a peek. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Calorie Free Birthday Cake

Calorie Free Birthday Cake.
I LOVE making these.  It is a simple little box with a clear lid, and inside is a layered paper (calorie free, of course) birthday cake. So fun, so easy to make.  The box is cut with two 5x5 cardstock, and I use one of my Nestabilities to center the opening and cut on the Cuttlebug.  Then I cut a square of clear Transparent Film For Laser Printers to tape on the underside for a clear view of the cute cake. A few years back I did a blog tutorial for making boxes.  They are simple, fun.  The cake is created using two sizes of punches, and I cut two of each size.  One for the top, one for the underside, glued together to match all the little scallops, and I embossed each layer.  The center of the cake is made using the plastic scotch tape roll and covered with a strip of paper... your choice of patterns or colors.  It is tricky to get the plastic scotch tape circle glued to each side of the two layers but it eventually works.  Then I take the glitter glue and squeeze little strips of the glue to secure the plastic circle to the scalloped bottom and lid.  Once dried, then the decorating begins and that is a wide choice of decorations.  Anything goes... I selected pearls on the pink cake and a ribbon on the lid, while the blue has some cute little flowers I bought on a pack at Michaels.  I have all colors and love these little decorations.  Inside the box is a sentiment "Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your birthday with a calorie free birthday cake". 

Thanks for taking a peek at my fun little paper cake.  Have a happy week.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tags, Tags Tags You're It...

Tags and more tags.  My friend Cathy gave me some awesome papers and embellishments.  I found a page full of acrylic stickers so I made some tags using those.  I found a page full of metal embellishments and so those had to be tags as well.  These are designed to be a slip in tag so no strings are attached but could be.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

An Eye Full...

In August and October I had cataract surgery, and for the first time in MANY years I am able to wear single lens glasses instead of trifocals.  The gal at Nationwide Vision helped me pick out two pair of new glasses and when I put them on, I can see like Superwoman.  She was so helpful, so courteous, I wanted to make her a little sampan-sumpin so I came up with a set of cards with a pair of eyeglasses as the feature. She loved 'em.  
Happy Thanksgiving.  I am enjoying a cherished visit from my son and daughter in law and their sweet dog Daisy. Riley is residing in the front bedroom, all decked out with his Cat quilt, litter box, water and food bowls and many visits from us.  He doesn't like dogs so for right now, Daisy is the guest with free roam of the house and yard.  Porch cats are on alert, they laze around but when that door opens, he are off to the highest fence. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Creating Galore

I have been creating like a mad scientist.  So many cards, so many pretty handmade boxes, and while I was on my creative journey, I found a box of the black and white journal notebooks that I love to cover ...  here are five.  Simple but fun to make, and really pretty to use.  I bet some of my friends will love these.  
I closed my initial Etsy shop a few years back that featured die cuts, die cuts.  When I realized the extend of my creativity wanderings and how quickly "stuff" piled up, I opened a second shop ..and sadly it sat unused from 2012 until now.  I have opened the shop up with scads of die cuts and card packs.  A great place to shove my stuff that normally would sit around.  I had my first sale a week after I opened so I hope this is a sign of sales to come.  Wish me well.  Should you like to see my "stuff" on Etsy, take a peek here. 

Thanks for your visit.  I appreciate you.

Friday, September 25, 2015

More More Slam Dunk

More slam dunk cards. Just trying hard to use up the tub of die cuts and the many shelves and stacks of papers.  When I was designing cards on a design team, I took my time, and tried to create a nice design.  Now my goal is just to get those stacks and tubs whittled down.  The cards are fun to make and I share them with friends. 
I had a lot of froggy die cuts.  
 A bevy of cards.  Can you see the little hand drawn froggy card?.... There for a while I employed my past artist skills at drawing some of my cards.  It was fun.
 I have a lovely die cut for several sizes of a cross.  These cards came out pretty, I think.
 Sizzix candle dies make a quick little birthday card.
 A few die cuts, a few punches create quick cards.
 I love the design papers on these two cards.
 Jumbled stuff.
 A few of this, a few of that.  Love stuff.
 These cards were quickly made using punched out die cuts.  Cute... I think.
 More stuff grabbed up out of stacks and tubs.
That's all, folks.  Thanks for taking a peek.

Friday, September 11, 2015


For years I donated covered notebooks for cancer patients and the children of cancer patients. These books are wonderful pathways to jotting down many things, ...memories, hopes, dreams, fears, etc.  Recently I did a few more for this  purpose.  I always have stashes of the yellow, white and various colored note pads of different sizes.  The larger ones are adult sized and the smaller pads are for the children.  I had fun making these and I know they will be used.

So simple to make.  The larger pads are created with the 12x12 papers while the smaller pads are used with 8-1/2x11 papers.  The 12x12 pads are comprised of two sections.  I place the notepad on the paper, then I do the two score lines for the folding spine, fold down the top and then cut a section to paste on the smaller section. That becomes the back part.  I decorate the front, and then glue the pad on the inside.  The smaller pads are easy.  Those "strips" are cut 5x8-1/2.  Once again I place the note pad on the lower flap, and that gives me the "spot" that I score the two spines and then I fold down the top, decorate and voila', ...a cute little note pad ready for someone to jot down their thoughts. 

Fun.  I had fun.  But I always do. Thanks for peeking at my covered note pads that will be used with such need.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hello visitors.. more slam dunk cards on the menu today. 
Just an array of this n' that... but be sure to check out the last photo. 

 Last photo alert.  I made 75 Halloween cards.  Slam dunks, yes, but such fun to use up some of the stashed die cuts and papers.
Thanks for looking' and have a happy day.

Friday, September 04, 2015


Here I go again.... more slam dunks.  Actually I have given any viewer a gift because I did not begin to take photos of all the cards I made.  I have lots of friends who come over and shop in my Free Shop, and they enjoy selecting cards they like.  I like the sounds of glee when they find cards they want. 

 Out of this group of Slam Dunks, I think I like these pink ones  best of all.
 Who doesn't love a bunny?....

 Believe it not, I found a page of stickers.  A scrapbooker might recall that when scrapbooking started, we only had stickers.  Yup, I used 'em, and I still have some sheets.  They make really quick slam dunk cards.  But I will say I added a wee drop of my glue just to make sure the stickers remained where I placed them.
 More scrapbooking things added to cards.  Those are the really fun cardboard die cuts.
 Sweet grinning  bear.
Everything I photographed has now been added.  I do have a tray of abut 100 mote cards but....
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Slam Dunk Series #2

A little array of slam dunks.  I sort of aimed to make multiple cards with the same theme.  I found that when I am making a lot of cards it is logical to stamp up or print a LOT of sentiments, cut them down and put them in a size #10 envelope.  The envelope is put into a basket, flap up and the sentiment tagged on the tip of the envelope.  When I am making Happy Birthday cards, this full sentiment envelope is really a lot of help in the Slam Dunk Community.  
Below you will see a bevy of Happy Birthday cards. 

Just A Note cards.... so useful, easy to make.

A few of the many Thank You cards.

I love making HELLO cards.  So many uses for these.

That's it for now.  More to come.  Thanks for taking a peek. Have a nice week.  Oh my, I made a Rhyme in No Tine. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Slam Dunk Game

Sewing all put away.  I had been sewing for over a year, and am pleased to know I have sewn about 49 quilts for the homeless veterans in the cold country.  I cleaned up the craft room, stood aside and admired the scene and then promptly lunged into papers and supplies.Within seconds it appeared as though I had been making cards all along. I design cards now and then, with a creative hand and mind but these are my simply slam dunk styles. I fold the card stocks and pair up with envelopes ahead of time , and sometimes I add a cut of  designer paper and die cuts.  When that is done, making 200 cards is a slam dunk easy peasy process ...  Here are just a few of the cards. Simple simple cards.

I love cards with the punch cut out window and then I can drape over the edges.  Here are three of that style.  

I have a tub of hundreds and hundreds of die cuts that I made.  I sat for about 2 weeks and wandered through my Cricut cartridges, grabbing up cute die cuts to embellish, and of course a goal of using up some of the stacks and stashes of papers.  And there they sat, for a year, waiting.  Here you can see I grabbed up the cute bear die cut and made some Valentine/Love cards.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a collection of stuffed frogs that a treasured client would give me over many years.  Even after I retired, I would get a cute frog item.  My first quilt that I REALLY labored over was my froggy quilt and I am proud to say I won a First Place Blue Ribbon for at the County Fair.  Goes without saying, I LOVE creating a little frog card now and then.

More to come.  I did mention I slam dunked about 200 cards, didn't I?
Have a nice day. Thanks for your visit. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sewing Finale.

Nancy, my high school friend, shares so much wonderful fabric with me.  You've seen my Hawaiian Quilt that I made with her gift of fabric.  I had so much left I was able to make some purses, totes, placemats, table runners.  Colorful stuff. 
 Here is one of the totes and some pouches to go with it.  This was a gift to al special friend who took me for my first cataract surgery on there 25th of August. She sat patiently for hours, and says she is up for the second eye when I schedule it.  Cathy and I worked together for 12 years, and since my retirement almost 8 years ago, we visit often.  I cherish her.  She loved the little tote/purse.
Now the sewing stuff is all put away for the next sewing siege I embark upon.  I cleaned up the craft room, admired the tidy sight and then hauled out all of the papers, card making supplies and started my slam dunk adventure.  My sweet craft room is back to normal.... littered and stacked and busy with stuff sitting around.... Photos to come.  Thanks for stopping by.