Thursday, July 30, 2015

Doggy Quilt For Three

My high school friend Elaine W. has three darling and so so loved doggies named Kiwi, Charlie and Pablo.  This quilt will be a trio-quilt they all will share.  It was sewn using Lorelei's Fabrics that I so love.  Bright and colorful and big enough for three.  

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quilts and stuff

Another Wedding Pillow made for my niece's daughter and her intended.  

 My high school friend Lavonne has a darling little Yorkie.  I made him two little bitty quilts.
 Here are Jackson's very own Quilt labels.
 A quilt in blue squares for the Homeless Veteran Project I am honored to donate to.
 Another Veteran Quilt
 One more for the Vets. wild colors and shapes .... but they do not care.
 A little batch of Tissue Cozies.  Love making these.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sewing Totes


I love sewing totes with bits of remnant fabrics or those fabrics that just simply yell out at me "make me into a tote". That bellering held true with the red white and blue fabrics. I bought a little fabric pack at Michaels with the R/W/B fabric choices and what fun it was to whack off 4 inch strips and sew them together in a pretty Independance Day kinda tote to carry. I get a little overwhelmed working on the many quilts so taking a break and sewing a fun project is always a great get-a-way for a while.
Anyway, I uploaded the new totes for a looksee so thanks to any visitors who happenstance by my poor neglected blog.
Have a great week coming up.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sunshine Tote

This pretty bright yellow tote with accessory pouches has sweet colorful butterflies all over it...but the brightness calls me to name it Sunshine Tote.  I love the mixture of the fabrics and I had a fun time making it.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sewing Bash

Red White and Blue Flag Quilt as you go... so easy to sew and assemble.  My daughter in law has a birthday July 4th.  Waddaya think?
 Dresden blocks.... By the time I finished the 4, I decided it was enough so this is a quick put together Quilt as you go quilt.  Pretty colors anyway...
 Another quick sewing project...quilt as you go patchwork blocks.
 I made this for a friend who said she would like a purse in black and white fabrics.  I had the array of fabrics and always the aim to please. She was pleased...  I added some zipper pouches and a tissue cozy as well.

 This is a cutie... I used Lorelei's fabric with her cute cute gals... I gave this purse to another friend.
 I was routing around through some fabric drawers and I found 4 little preprinted panels... so this was a quick Quilt as you go project.  And colorful too, doncha think?
 Quilt as you go... little blocks with pretty rust fabric ...
 Stacks of totes... Fun to make, quick to sew and such a nice fun gift to give.
 This is a vet quilt, quilt as you go.
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Monday, May 25, 2015


Two very special couples were married recently...and I wanted to make a little special handmade gift for them.  Years ago I made a pillow such as this for my cherished brother and the beautiful lady he was marrying...and when they had their 25th wedding anniversary a few years back, I made a second pillow to honor that milestone.  These are ultra-fun to make.... done on my embroidery machine using  fancy frame patterns and then adding the special names and dates. 

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Little of this, Little of that...

Easter is gone but here are the remanents of this fun holiday.  I was invited to spend Easter day with my high school friend and her family.  I had to make a little sumpin-sumpin so I hit the Cricut machine and whipped up several die cuts to hang.  Here is the banner with cute little chicks and bunnies and a lamb too bootl.  I used the EASTER Cricut cartridge. 

A larger hanging Easter Sign... cute sweet bunny and some flowers.

Batik is one of my fav fabrics.  I've been saving this yard of fabric but finally decided to make something with it.  Here are some zipper pouches and a tissue cozy.  Gotta love batik and the vibrant colors.

I have so much fabric that I love.  I have been making some of these little coasters and a larger pad.  So simple.... there are two bases (inside and back) and to that I add 4 folded 5x5 pieces of fabric to make a multi fabric coaster.  Turn right side out, sew around and there you have it...

Roses Roses.  Quick and easy Rose quilts, and sweetly longarmed by my friend Yvonne.
Off to sew.  If you have visited and left a comment, thank you.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fabrics and Papers

First, paper stuff.... I am always lending my ear to something I can make to share with a person, a company, a worthy cause.  In the below photo, you will see some bookmarks.  These are made for the Pioneers' Cemetary Association.  This area in downtown Phoenix goes back to 1854, and is located in one of the old homes of a prominent pioneer family, the Smurthwaite Family.  Initially I offered up some tags (like the tombstone shown on the bookmark).  However, after some good thought of the matter, a bookmark will be a better memento of a visit to the building and area.

Can I just admit that I am truly addicted to making these fast n' easy Zipper pouches?.... I have a zipper purse that I make totally in my embroidery machine, size 5x7 and a dinky little coin purse 4x4 in size.  Here is a sampling of those creations.
Made at my sewing machine, these little zipper darlings are fast and easy and oh so much fun.  I can use up scraps of fabrics and each one is fun to make.

Ah totes.... Carole is the Tote Queen.  I love making them, and with each change of fabric, it is like making one for the first time.  These particular totes were padded, quilted, and made in the boxed corner process so there is a little more room to shove "stuff" into them.
That wraps up my fun for a few days.  Now onto other sewing.  You all have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My high school friend Nancy gives me some beautiful fabrics.  This little stack of creations happened to be cut up triangles.  I sewed them together, then made blocks and once cut, they created placemats, a table runner and even a little pillow.  I knew that I was not going to sit and match all those seams so I call this "jumbles".  Aptly names, donchathink?
It is going to be in the high 80s this week and even a hint of 90 by Friday.  Stand aside, here it comes....Summer in AZ.  We hardly had a winter and while it was warm here, I watched in dismay to see the awful conditions that many states were enduring with epic snow storms.
Thanks for visiting ...have a happy week.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

More quilts for the homeless veterans in Prescott.  I love being able to sew up a quilt using snippets and scraps and end up with something that hopefully will keep a warrior warm. 
This quilt is a sort of log cabin design, just sewing strips onto strips as I sew around the center square. 

 This is the strip sewing method and it is amazing how quickly a quilt can be put together.  Sew and sew fold and sew, fold and sew and pretty soon, you have a nice big square quilt top.  Kuddos and many thanks to my friend Yvonne who takes the 3 layers and does the final longarm quilting on each quilt.

 Strips and strips, sew and sew.

 This was a fun quick quilt.  I had large enough scraps to use my Accu-Go and cut squares.

More strips.  Colorful end results. 

Thanks for taking a peek.  About March 11 I will wander into some card making.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sewing and Crochet Stuff

 A bevy of colorful totes and purses.  Vibrant fabrics sewn in strips and then cut down for assembly.  I love these colors.
 Same fabrics but smaller pieces that make perfect placemats.  I never toss even the smallest fabric snippet.
 Zipper purses in pretty fabrics.  Ahhh the colors inspire me.
 Bright and colorful
 afghans I crocheted.  These
will go to the veterans in Prescott.
Another bright creation. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fabric Chick

Happy Sunday from Sunny Arizona.  I HAVE to share this wonderful card.  My friend Pat makes wonderful cards using Lorelei fabrics...and I have posted many of those cards after she hosted a Card Camp. Pat fussy cuts the fabric designs and applies it to cardstock and then very carefully cuts out the design.   I just received this card which features a lovely lady holding fabric swatches.  This snappiy dressed chick literally pops right off the card.The inside of the card is stamped "Friends are like fabric.  You can never have enough".  
Isn't this the most precious card?...  Thank you, Pat.  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lotsa Stuff...

I am still on a quest to use the stacks of papers, bins of gems, tubs of rubber stamps.  On January 1, 2015 I will wander back into stacks of fabrics and begin sewing again on quilts for the Homeless Veterans that live in the forests of cold Northern Arizona.  I am proud to donate greeting cards to The First Families of Arizona of which I am a proud member.   Below you will see some of the 60 cards I completed.  The First Families of AZ are members whose forefathers came to Arizona before Statehood (February 14, 1912.)  My mother, her parents and 4 brothers arrived in Phoenix in 1909 when Mother was about 6 months old.  

I love to buy the little colored note pads at the Dollar Store and encase them in pretty little folded covers.  Here are a few.

 I made a LOT of Christmas cards as I do each year...some for my son and daughter in law, and some for me.  Below is a giant card for a high school friend, and a little sign that says "persevere".... She told me she needed reminding now and then so I helped out with a sign to hang.
 Christmas is nearly here, my friends.  Have a Merry one. And thanks for stopping by.